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Montreal, October 5th, 2020 – In Quebec’s broad media industry, the Remstar Media channels keep gaining notoriety and stand out from the competition. Over the past broadcast year (September 2019 to the end of August 2020), MAX and ELLE Fictions reported results proving their relevance within the market and the growing interest of the public.

With a reach of more than 5.2 million in 2019-2020, MAX is increasingly popular with viewers. Meanwhile, the new channel ELLE Fictions sets itself apart with a reach of nearly 5 million viewers in just one year of existence1. Numbers that are higher than the previous year and reflect a significant upward trend, whereas the specialty television total remains quite steady.


The programming strategy of MAX and ELLE Fictions presents entertaining series and movies, including new releases year-round. Their programs are particularly appealing to women between the ages of 25 and 54, a prime target group for advertisers.


MAX, the #1 destination for fictions

For the fourth consecutive year since its launch, MAX has experienced remarkable growth on several levels. It remains popular among both men and women (44% versus 56%).

Since mid-March, MAX has been the specialty channel with the highest audience growth, with a 42% increase2 compared to fall and winter. More Canadians han usual were watching television this spring. Along with many channels, MAX and ELLE Fictions not only managed to attract the attention of viewers, but also stood out from other TV channels with similar offerings.

Let us also highlight the outstanding performance of our new Canadian series Hudson & Rex, which reached an average of over 200,0003 viewers per episode! The series definitely was the star of the spring-summer lineup, but it wasn’t the channel’s only highlight. With new seasons of its popular series as well as three new releases, MAX once more stood out during this period.


ELLE Fictions wins 2nd place

As ELLE Fictions celebrated its first anniversary in August, it wasn’t long before it hit its stride on the market. Since its launch in 2019, growth has been noted on every level, particularly with an increase in market shares reaching 1.6% compared to 1% for its predecessor (Musique Plus) in 2018–2019 in the F25-54 category4. ELLE Fictions also experienced audience growth across all target publics, but particularly with its #1 audience, F25-54. The channel recorded a 22% increase in this audience during the spring compared to previous seasons5, while the rest of the specialty networks remained stable.

The holiday season was also greatly beneficial for ELLE Fictions. With its 100% holiday movie programming, more than half of the viewing time on specialty channels in Quebec was devoted to ELLE fictions 6. It also managed to become the second most watched specialized network during this same period7. Remstar Media has struck the bull’s eye with the addition of this channel of nostalgic series and comforting movies!

The next year looks just as promising, with major new features on both channels as well as an original and diverse programming.






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Remstar Media is a Quebec-based entertainment and content delivery company that owns specialty channels ELLE Fictions and MAX. These two must-see brands present some of the most popular content on Quebec television. ELLE Fictions offers films and TV series, to be discovered or rediscovered, that evoke passion and intense emotions. MAX is the destination for the best series and films with a diverse and engaging lineup of award-winning, popular and critically acclaimed shows.