The musical series Glee on ELLE Fictions

The sequel of four popular series this winter

Montreal, December 12, 2022 – ELLE Fictions is excited to present the new winter program that promises the return of favorite series and a novelty full of music. Indeed, on January 9th, the public will find heartwarming stories, romantic films and endearing characters that bring to the forefront improbable love stories, unbreakable friendships and placid feelings. For movie lovers, ELLE Fictions also planned a space for romantic films every weeknight from 8pm! 

This winter, the novelty Glee will certainly be the star, arriving like a breath of fresh air with its candid notes tinged by the era of the series. Back for the winter, Dynasty (Dynastie)will finally offer the continuation of its history marked by family betrayal. Not to mention, Famous In Love (Célébrités en amour) returns for a second season, projecting viewers into the Hollywood universe of young adults in search of success and love. Finally, the nostalgic classics Pretty Little Liars (Les Menteuses) and One Tree Hill (Les Frères Scott) will continue to transport audiences through intrigues and stories of the heart. In addition, exclusive content and novelties will also be on the lineup, every Thursday at 10pm. In short, on the menu this winter: intoxicating nostalgia, nourished by love and friendship, dramatized by a hint of betrayal, innocence and emotions.